Terms & Conditions

  1. Check out should be no later than 12:00 hrs with the opportunity to request a late check out until 14:00 hrs.

  2. The working hours of the house staff are from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. With the exception of a waiter who can stay to tend any situation of the guests.

  3. Invading the surrounding properties is strictly prohibited. We are not responsible for the security measures implemented to protect the homes of our condos.

  4. Guests must respect the sound decibles to respect the comfort of the residential and its inhabitants.

  5. The maximum occupancy is twelve people (two people per room) and we have two additional service rooms for company personnel. These rooms have a capacity of one person per room.

  6. Check in will be from 12:00 hours.

  7. Cancellations will have no refund.